Thursday, July 25, 2013

Photographing at the St. Louis Zoo is a great deal of fun.  Here is a close up of an eagle I took many years ago.  I was there on a trip with my youngest son and he said, "mom take his picture".  This has been one of the best images I have ever taken.  Thanks for the suggestion Alex.

Here are many more images of eagles.  Click this link.

eagle art

This is another image I find fascinating.  My son Chris asked me to photograph this for him when we were in Galveston Texas.  This is a beautiful ship.

To see more tall ships click here

best sellers - tall ship art


St. Louis Arch Images

In St. Louis the Arch is photographed for books, posters publications and just for art on the wall.  Check out more images here.  Click the link above the image.

best sellers - st. louis arch art